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Noble FLEX delivers a fresh take on hybrid learning, providing flexibility, engagement and authenticity for students in grades 5-8. Home-based learning takes place three days each week. Students meet with peers and learning coaches (teachers) to work collaboratively as well as manage their independent assignments in a way that works for them. For in person learning experiences, the group meets twice a week at our yurt for learning experiences based around collaboration, community, and team-building. Learning coaches work with families to facilitate individualized plans for students.


Student Experience

The school day will be a blend of independent, self-paced work and collaborative projects. Being a self-motivated learner is key to success in this blended learning model.

Students will:

  • Meet regularly with their learning coach and learning cohort

  • Be a self-paced, adaptive learner, working independently to meet learning goals

  • Be an active participant in meetings and learning opportunities

  • Be a willing participant in collaborative project-based learning


Family Experience

Family involvement is key to a successful FLEX experience

Parents will:

  • Devote 2-3 hours daily to overseeing their child's schoolwork 

  • Help students establish a daily schedule/learning structure

  • Monitor their child's progress 

  • Help with lessons

  • Refer learners to Learning Coaches as needed

  • Have ongoing communications with Learning Coaches

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