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Be Well Connected

Noble Virtual Middle Schools is funded in part by a RREV grant from the Maine Department of Education.   Rethinking Responsive Education Ventures provides funding for innovative education projects around the state.  You can learn more about RREV here.

Through the funding, which comes from the US Department of Education's Rethink k-12 Education Models program, we have our own unique learning space - a yurt!  Our 35-foot yurt is our home-base for in-person, community- and place-based learning opportunities.  

Be Well Connected considers the physical, mental and social emotional wellbeing of our hybrid (part-time virtual, part-time in-person) middle school students.  The grant provides for wellness programming, including field trips for students, professional development for staff, and a unique learning space for the program.  To learn more about Be Well Connected, check out this article from the Portland Press Herald

Many, many thanks to Erin Dickson, school wellness coordinator, and Miranda Wakefield, NHS health teacher, for writing and securing this grant!

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